Home Computing Weekly

Cosmic Cruiser
By Imagine
Spectrum 48K

Published in Home Computing Weekly #56

After Imagine's loading screen and a superb picture of two spaceships attacking a spaceman, a melodic tune announces "loading complete". Keying presents the option screen, allowing choice of keyboard or one of five makes of joystick. Music accompanies the choice, followed by an extremely fast arcade-style shoot-out game.

Screen bottom shows high score, lives, time and level.

There are essentially two games in one. In the first you have to blast open hatches on a large and colourful revolving space station and rescue colleagues inside - zapping any aliens who interfere. The second challenges you to get him back to your space cruiser, using your hand gun or laser cannon to fight off the approaching aliens. After the first few levels alien fighters also come at you with missiles.

Excellent sound, colour and graphics. A fast and addictive game requiring quick responses and a nice roll of honour in computer type. Extensive instructions include pen pictures of the programmer and the company.

Also available for the BBC, Dragon and Commodore 64.


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