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Home Computing Weekly

ZX Toolkit
By Star Dreams
Spectrum 48K/128K

Published in Home Computing Weekly #22

Toolkits make the programmer's life easier. This one deletes blocks or lines of moves them into different positions and renumbers them or the entire program into any line spacing you desire.

It automatically changes any GOSUBs or GOTOs affected by the renumbering, excepting GOTO expressions, which it leaves flashing, for your adjustment.

The ability to merge lines or delete REM statements saves valuable program space. Search & Replace changes strings, Case Change alters lower case to caps or reverse and Memory Map, Rex and Variable Dumps print full details to screen or printer.

A trace facility aids bug detection - 48K version only. All functions called by RANDomise FN/code letter/line or output detail.

If only the trace slowed the program even more, the loading title used colours I could read when listing, and the well-written instructions were on something more durable.


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