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Home Computing Weekly

BMX Trials
By Llainlan
Spectrum 16K

Published in Home Computing Weekly #93

There seems to be vogue developing for this type of drive and jump type game. I'm sure you know the style.

You pilot a bike and negotiate it over a ridiculously difficult course filled with hazards that would make me get off my bike and walk. You, being much more intrepid and skilled than I, simply jump over, under and around them, until you emerge victorious at the end.

This game is set in the junge and the hazards are lollipop trees, native huts, deep pits, flying arrows and bouncing bubbles. Strange? Well obviously you don't walk around the same jungles as the programmer!

The graphics are crude, of the stick variety rather than cartoon style. The movement is realistic enough, and as this works on the 16K model, I suppose I can't complain.

If you fancy a new BMX bike you could always play this game on the cold winter evenings, the publishers are offering 10 machines worth £200 each to the first to finish the game and solve the puzzle. On yer bike!


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