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Home Computing Weekly

3D Graphics
By Emsoft
Spectrum 48K/128K

Published in Home Computing Weekly #33

The title is a little misleading. Any unsuspecting buyer looking for deep space effects for their current games program will be disappointed. It is intended for serious use in drawing three-dimensional shapes and examining them from all angles.

The instructions are technical but can be followed by the novice with a little effort. Unfortunately, the example data shown on the last page seems to be in error, as it does not produce the figure shown.

An inbuilt facility to change paper and border colour seems superfluous in a program of this nature.

Objects drawn can be enlarged or reduced. The data or figure can be dumped to printer from within the program, or data may be saved to tape.

The object can be rotated through all three axes and degree of rotation can be specified. It is displayed with simulated perspective, and all drawn lines are visible at any angle, which is sometimes confusing.

The cassette contains four programs, for 16K, 48K, and two external input devices. The 48K version had a fast rotation displayed. Overall, I found the response time extremely slow.


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