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Home Computing Weekly

Diamond Quest
By Cases Computer Simulations
Spectrum 48K

Published in Home Computing Weekly #55

CCS has the right idea - encouraging girls into computing. But tacky insert comments like "appealling to girls because of bright, colourful graphics and you don't see the Nasty Monsters" may bring the local St. Trinians down upon them with hockey sticks!

This is a very simple text adventure with very simple location graphics in which your aim is to find four keys, build your energy above 200, find and enter the Golden Palace and remove the Diamond Treasure.

Eating free food or staying at costly hotels (no roughing it for girls) increases energy and gold may be converted into energy. Nasties are attacked, bribed or fled from, costing energy or gold. With 200 energy, you can see a grid map, showing relative positions of you and the palace.

Nasties are supposed to give gold when killed, but often didn't and, by persistently pressing lower figurs, you can force them to accept lesser bribes than initially refused. I had all keys, the 200 energy and, according to the map, reaced the palace but the program refused to let me enter. Bugs and loading difficulties aside, this adventure is written on an insultingly low level.


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