Home Computing Weekly


Author: D.C.
Publisher: Postern
Machine: Spectrum 16K/48K

Published in Home Computing Weekly #54

Following prompts, you can work on up to five words at a time, making real words out of jumbled letters. The hidden word is displayed as blue blanks, with the jumbled letters on the right. Multiple words display in crossword format. You cursor across the blanks, pressing your choice of letter. Correct scores 30, wrong loses five and there is a high-score display. The three levels are junior school, senior, adult or brighter child. The display is unadorned, with little visual reward for success.

Shamelessly, I chose one word at junior level and failed miserably with a six-letter word (ROCKET). Hastily continuing, I scored instant success with JAM. Racing through several similar minor achievements, I boldly tried three words at once. This now becomes pure guesswork as all letters of all words are jumbled together.

My interest waned quickly and I doubt the educational merit. Is a child, at the level of recognising JAM, capable of understanding the anagram idea? The single word has some merit but multiplay, needing luck and the crossword mind, may be beyond many. Children with word difficulty might be turned off forever.


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