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Home Computing Weekly

Demon Knight
By Argus Press
Spectrum 48K/128K

Published in Home Computing Weekly #26

I love Adventure, but I'm a rabbit - unless it's someone else's game, where my uninvited suggestions are invariably brilliantly correct.

This is a text-only Adventure and, excepting Help, Quit and Inventory, requires two-word commands.

The screen describes Location, Visible Objects and Obvious Exits, hinting Invisible or Unobvious ones. You are carrying and wearing nothing - hope it doesn't rain.

Starting outside a Massive Portcullis, which defies all attempts to climb or tunnel under, and forced in the only available direction, you are soon wandering dusty paths, amid rotting rubbish - this is not a clean adventure - collecting items to kill the Demon Knight and rescue the inevitable Princess. Female players note mandatory sex change.

Help occasionally gives cryptic clues. Exits seem (note the word) to allow forward or back. Reaching Location 5, which apparently only backtracks, I spent considerable time, staggering between One and Five, using all objects and my clearly pitiful intelligence to no avail.


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