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Home Computing Weekly

Home Accounts
By AM Electronics
Spectrum 48K

Published in Home Computing Weekly #26

Don't be misled by the title - this deals with your bank account onl. What do you get? Firstly, a non-loading program, as instructions give wrong loading name.

Secondly, a headache! Example: "For credit values enter a negative value. Positive values are taken as debits." Got that?

You may think that £100 balance, plus £50 paid in, equals £150 balance but, according to this program, you must enter amounts paid in as 'minus', i.e. 100-50=150. A similar cheque entry becomes 100+50=50.

A seven-option menu includes automatic entry of standing orders, with prompts for date, seven-letter description and amount. It detects and verifies change in month name but happily accepts 4th ROM or 26th PIG, having no error check routine for real month name or order. So if no entries are made in July, it allows August to follow June and forgets the July standing orders.

With the bank check option, the convoluted instructions become mind boddling and could cause inadvertent entry or deletion of items, with disastrous consequences to the opening balance.


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