Home Computing Weekly

Screen Machine

Author: D.C.
Publisher: Print 'N Plotter
Machine: Spectrum 48K

Published in Home Computing Weekly #83

Don't confuse this with ISP's program of the same name. Do you want lots of screens in your programs but haven't enough memory? Help is now at hand.

Part 1 takes previously designed screens and compresses them from the normal 6,912 bytes to 3,596. In black and white only, they can compress to 2,828 bytes. You may extract part screens (top, middle or bottom), compressing from 2,585 bytes down to 961. The number of screens processed into a multiple file is limited only by memory and can be saved and loaded into your program at any location.

With Part 2, you can move parts of your screen about, change colours, enlarge or reduce part or all, flip the screen into mirror image, and blend or superimpose different screens.

Part 3 allows you to set up 48 text strings and compress them, saving almost 50 per cent, and locatable anywhere in memory with instant recall. Microdrive adaptation instructions are included.

I discovered a rare bug, now corrected. Anyone getting crashes on relocation should contact Print 'n' Plotter for update. Hobbit-style adventurers and graphic programmers will find Screen Machine a boon.


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