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Home Computing Weekly

American Football
By Softstone
Spectrum 48K

Published in Home Computing Weekly #95

Before anyone gets too excited at the thought of an American Football game in 16K and 3D graphics, this is not likely to be quite what you expect. It is a simulation game, not a reaction game. You play the manager and the only way you can control the play is by skillful management of your side off the field. The graphics are crude, simple and inadequate.

Unless I'm much mistaken, part of the interest in American football is the play for distance towards the goal and not just the touchdowns. There is none of this at all, neither are there any kicked goals.

The main thrust of the program is team management but you are only able to manipulate a couple of variables, the composition of your squad and the players picked for the team. There are no specialist players; each one plays in any position. This makes it a poor simulation and I cannot really recommend it on any of the usual criteria. Someone must be able to do better than this even in 16K.


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