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Home Computing Weekly

Jungle Adventure
By Cases Computer Simulations
Spectrum 48K

Published in Home Computing Weekly #55

Another "game for girls" - help Bobo, an African girl, get home from school through the jungle.

The game has two parts with five difficulty levels. Part one is an animated Mastermind: guess which objects (books, eggs, coconuts and hamburgers) are in the four blue jars by pressing the up cursor when your choice arrives on a conveyor belt underneath. A blackboard shows "*" for right object, right place and "+" for right object, wrong place, on each guess. My display only showed three clues although another Spectrum gave four - but perhaps I wasn't guessing right. Bobo takes correctly guessed objects and part two is an invisible maze. Bobo is bottom left and home is top right and the hidden animals between them are displayed for an instant. Off goes Bobo via cursor keys.

Hitting a hidden animal, she must give the appropriate object, if she has it, by pressing the initial letter. Failure, or slowness, loses although there's five lives. Get extra objects at hidden shops, if you're quick.

Nice graphics but impossible time for memorising, when necessary, to note positions of animals you have objects for, to increase your score.


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