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Home Computing Weekly

Falklands Crisis
By Llainlan
Spectrum 48K

Published in Home Computing Weekly #92

Advertised as a "good combination of strategy and arcade". I have to report that I agree with this wholeheartedly. I feel that it will appeal to the strategy game players more than arcade freaks however.

Based on the Falklands incident, you become the pilot of a Harrier jump jet patrolling the Falklands. One novel feature is the way your current map location is displayed on a small map in the top corner. This acts as the radar indicator too, with enemy planes in a sector causing the map to flash, a rather neat touch.

Sound is basic but adequate and graphics reasonable for this type of game. I have yet to develop a technique for bombing ships but shooting down planes is easier. You seem to have an unlimited amount of fuel, or perhaps I always die before it runs out.

One other unusual feature is the wraparound of screens on the map if you go off one side you reappear on the other. I wish this happened in reality on occasions.


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