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Home Computing Weekly

By Legend
Spectrum 48K

Published in Home Computing Weekly #47

Other adventures advertise "with graphics" - this is graphics "with adventure". Castles, huts, plains, forests and mountains, in high resolution, form beautiful backdrops, against which sprite representations of you and the "cast of thousands" enter, move, eat, drink, fight and die.

I'm uncertain the location with the cricket sight screen is in period but perhaps I'm mistaken... watching is fascinating but six quests await.

Instructions manual is explicitly simple without revealing all and helpfully condenses all vocabularly and other necessities into a two page 'crib'.

Some objects are invisible but "What" lists and points to all available items. "Where" describes locations and present exists. "Who" names the characters. "List" has the usual effect and "Help" might.

There are goodies and baddies, of varying strength and intelligence. You must persuade the more stupid to give you food, drink and useful items, or fight battles for you.

Pawn your Microdrive for this and start saving for their next.


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