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Learn Basic Programming Spectrum
By Logic 3
Spectrum 48K

Published in Home Computing Weekly #97

This package looks impressive and there are a number of items to consider once you get inside the box. There is a large book, two cassettes - double-sided - and a flowchart stencil. The stencil shows that this is a serious course trying to teach programming and taking the beginner through tried and tested avenues to a full understanding of the subject, leaving him using a good technique that will not entail relearning later.

The book starts at the lowest level and ends with the programming of simple games. This makes it suitable for the very raw beginner and I expect the user to find that progress is fast.

The programs are listed in the book and on occasions there are flowcharts as well.

The strangest items in the book are the 'experiments' which are really self-assessment questions and tasks but they are well-chosen and not too difficult which means that they should encourage even the slower learners to have a go.

This is a well thought-out and well-executed package.


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