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Home Computing Weekly

Data Genie
By Audiogenic
Spectrum 48K/128K

Published in Home Computing Weekly #47

This file system comes in very glossy packaging, the 16-page instructions are well-written and easy to follow, and the program is so user-friendly as to be positively gushing!

Using keys 6 and 7, you move a coloured cursor line down the main menu, pressing 8 when it covers your selection and a minimenu, with further options, is then overprinted. Similar selection here may lead to yet more mini-menus. At times, the screen overflows with menus, but a thoughtful CLS option handles this.

Normal functions are covered:

Set Up File, Enter Record, Print Record, Search and Storage. Search is particularly powerful and will find any word in any field. Up to 15 fields are available per record, length 10-20 characters and an alternative type-face is provided.

A very easy package to use but exiting back through each menu to reach the main menu is a little wearying. The number of records available range from 146, with fields 10 characters long to 73 with maximum length 'and I question if a file of such limited size has real practical use.


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