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Home Computing Weekly

Dynamic Graphics
By Procom Software
Spectrum 48K

Published in Home Computing Weekly #55

The one we've all been waiting for: sprites made easy. Not only easy but a pleasure! The excellent large-size manual is almost superfluous since the programs are explicitly menu-ed and very forgiving of error.

Tape 1 Side 1: a sprite designer, up to 4 x 4 character squares. The four menus allow horizontal and vertical flip, rotation, swapping, copying, pixelshift, on character squares and whole sprites, with up to six in a sequence of 16 frames in any colour you like or on a pre-designed screen. Sprites can be saved, verified and reloaded.

Finished sprites load into Tape 1 Side 2, where up to 10 can be compiled into relocatable machine code, called and moved from Basic. Compiled sprites may be used commercially.

Tape 2: an excellent Etch-a-Sketch screen designed with window and re-scaling, was previously published, and still sold by, Campbell Systems as Drawmaster.

Not revealing this mars a superb package and reputations of two good software houses. Inevitably, utility collectors will buy both and feel cheated. Advertising and packaging should be amended. This apart, highly recommended.


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