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Home Computing Weekly

Character Generator
By Interactive Software People
Spectrum 48K

Published in Home Computing Weekly #69

If you didn't already know, character generators let you design graphics on a displayed 8 x 8 grid, place them on your chosen keys and save to tape. Loaded back with your program, the usual POKE and DATA lines become redundant, saving time, effort and memory. Here you can also design an alternative character set.

A generator came for free on the Horizons tape and magazine listings for these and alternative character sets are everywhere. So why would you need this program? Six pre-designed alternative sets on side b might have been useful but copyright is claimed - a surprise to other houses, which have been using them for years, and the printers who originally designed the typefaces!

The program is mainly in Basic and poorly designed. You are forced to go through the instructions every time to reach the grid screen. Selection is by INPUT/ENTER instead of a keypress. And there's no easy exit to the menu on error. The UDG option, by allowing alternative set display for modification, renders the character option superfluous. This badly needs a double-grid, with a display of the original for comparison.

Although, unworthy of the publishers of Scope - and a ridiculous price.


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