Home Computing Weekly

Scuba Dive

Author: D.C.
Publisher: Durell
Machine: Spectrum 48K

Published in Home Computing Weekly #51

Your diver jumps into the ocean from his boat, swimming down to the sea-bed, collecting pearls from open oysters. Avoiding the sharks, jelly fish, electric eels and other denizens of the deep requires skillful swimming, as one touch means death for one of your three lives. Sea-bed collision knocks you unconscious, too much can kill, oysters close on you and you have limited oxygen. Items collected show as 'held' and only add to your main score if you can get them back to the boat which keeps moving. The screen scrolls smoothly, with diver, in all directions.

Four skill levels, the insert instructions fully explain and movement keys, covering rotating clock and anti-clockwise, forward with acceleration or brake, are user-definable. The score table may be SAVEd and re-loaded. The graphics are among the best I have seen - turning sharks display a 'Jaws-like' full face and the whole game is colourful, creating real excitement. Controls react fact and, even with joystick, the slightest mistake is fatal. But too easy games are not much fun and I think this one will keep me happy for some considerable time.


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