Home Computing Weekly

Spectrum Sprites

Author: D.C.
Publisher: Interactive Software People
Machine: Spectrum 48K

Published in Home Computing Weekly #74

Shades of the music industry! Now software houses are putting out singles of hit tracks from their published programs. This is the Sprite Designer/Operating system which formed part of ISP's SCOPE-II. There's a 16x 16 pixel grid for designing sprites, a facility to allocate them as sprites 0 to 7, and a display mode, showing actual size and reference number. A SAVE facility is offered and NEW clears the design program, leaving the operating system above RAMTOP.

Divorce from SCOPE-II creates problems. SAVE only saves the sprites, not the operating system (in SCOPE-II, this was duplicated in the main program so it didn't matter). Here, you must always have the Designer program present, or find the memory position of the operating system, "Code" SAVE it and organise its addition to your program, if you have the expertise.

If, after running your sprites, you wish to alter them, at present you've got to start from scratch. A little re-programming will solve these problems. But the point is, ISP should have done it, not the customer. Or are programs now coming as DIY kits?


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