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Home Computing Weekly

My Secret File
By Mosaic
Spectrum 48K

Published in Home Computing Weekly #58

This started as a Puffin paperback, and is best described as a diary for lazy or unimaginative youngsters up to 10. At that, I may be maligning 10-year-olds.

Example pages: MY CLOTHES. Sub-headings: Favourite outfit for lounging around... three things I most hate wearing... clothes I'd really like would be... MUM AS I SEE HER: looks her best when... nags me most about... can get round her by... PARTY RATINGS: whose party... what kind... rating...

The author details all possible events and conditions, reducing your whole life to a series of ticks, crosses and the occasional word or underline. Some might give parents unease: "The greatest number of one inch or more shreds, after unpicking a Shredded Wheat".

The computer version loses the cartoons, non-humorous, of the book but allows SAVEing as a datafile, useable yearly, and your very own secret access code. Pages are accessed by content menu and you type one-word answers to "People gasp with shock when they see my..." The mind reels!


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