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Home Computing Weekly

By Interactive Software People
Spectrum 48K

Published in Home Computing Weekly #55

Writing graphics programs? Can't get the hang of machine code? Frustrated by Basic slowness? Take Scope! It adds 31 commands to Basic. Many duplicate available Basic commands, but in a shorter, more powerful way, enabling you to write programs, including sub-routines, which are then compiled into machine code, called from a Basic program.

The manual is extremely easy to follow. Commands are written into REM statements and cover putting graphics to screen, movement, testing positions with automatic jump to your subroutines, better (although not musical) sound, scrolling by pixel, plot and draw, changing overall or specific colours, showing scores and high scores, and clearing all or part of display.

Compiled programs run much faster although, with only UDGs programmable, some flicker is inevitable. After compiling, the next address available for Scope is shown, making it easy to calculate how many bytes have been used and all the programs are relocatable. Unfortunately, they won't run unless Scope is in memory. ISP considers publication of programs using Scope or licences for their use.

Even nicer if sprites were included but, nevertheless, very useful.


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