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Home Computing Weekly

Blue Thunder
By Richard Wilcox
Spectrum 48K

Published in Home Computing Weekly #55

The first from a new software house - I can't wait to see the second.

You take off from a destroyer, fly jetcopter to a remote island where comrades are captive, find and destroy an unstable nuclear reactor before landing to rescue.

Jetcopter controls are: Q - Up, A - Down, X - Left, V - Right and C to fire plus 90 or 180 degree Rotation, depending on pressure. A mite difficult at exciting moments, but permitting flight and diagonal movement all positions except upside down. Also hold and abort.

Superb graphics and smooth pixel scrolling through six screens with score and fuel displayed. Just getting to the island through ack-ack, homing missiles, is difficult enough, but then you must discover the secret of revealing the reactor, disable its outer defence, destroy it, land, rescue as many as possible, and return through heavier fire. Missions also include enemy submarines, balloons and jetfighters. A nice touch is the ability to select mission level. My only grouse: edition 1 has no joystick capability; Edition 2, due out now, has Kempston.

Hugely exciting and very frustrating. Just as you think you've cracked it - boom! Even hardened arcaders should love it!


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