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Home Computing Weekly

Toy Bizarre
By Activision
Spectrum 48K

Published in Home Computing Weekly #98

This really is a weird game. The plot is weird, the graphics are weird, and it feels weird.

You play Merton, who has been locked into a toy factory and is trying to close valves so the toys don't escape. Why do toys escape from valves, is my quick reply.

Because toys come from balloons that escape from valves, is my quick reply.

Your enemy in this endeavour is Hefty Hilda, who wanders around in her pinny turning the valves on again, and I'm convinced that she is plain evil. The valves are always opened within seconds of turning them off.

The game is quite interesting, but is little more than another ladder and level clone. There is very little that makes it stand out from the crowd however.

The instructions are particularly poor in that they don't explain a number of the game's features. This is no mention of "coffee breaks" and scant coverage of "safety checks".

In a game as weird as this, every bit of help is needed. Perhaps I'm just too old for toys!


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