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Home Computing Weekly

Superdraw 16
By Video Software
Spectrum 16K

Published in Home Computing Weekly #22

Superdraw 16 lets you make pictures, combining text, graphics and hi-res drawing; save or load back for re-work or load in sequence.

An eight direction cursor selects print position or controls the drawing line, single key commands call colour, circles and fill, and colour can be changed after printing.

There's a large size, redesignable character set and well-written instructions, audio guide and pad of planning charts are included. So, unfortunately, are a lot of bugs!

"Alter Colour" comes on, but not off. Cursors disappear and intrude in other modes. The Pixel cursor is just visible (on a 23-inch TV screen). The current command is printed on screen (and on your picture!).

Text becomes corrupted by lines and coour change.

Ingenious users can probably surmount these faults - but why should they have to?


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