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Spectrum 16K

Published in Home Computing Weekly #61

Another "help suicidal Cedric defuse bombs" game with two keyboard control choices or Kempston-type joystick. You move around a grid erasing blue squares, flags and bombs, but avoiding the skulls. After the first screen, beware the Mobile Boots. There is the facility to scroll your position left and right without erasure and there is a total of five skill (speed) levels.

The bombs countdown from 30 with five defusions per screen. The real-time countdown is six seconds - just locating Cedric takes a couple. I don't mind it being difficult... but this is impossible!

Graphics are unspectacular and there is a popular classic "tune" which is murdered as you move.

Bravely persevering, I discovered "hold". Shamelessly using it on every bomb to work out the best route and with three lives, I survived to screen 12, taking my very high-score into the Hall of Fame.

But cheating is only fun for a while. This is not among the best game of its type.

CDS really ought to put its address on its products. Or is the company confident that no purchaser will ever have cause to contact it?


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