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Castle Colditz/Battle Of The Toothpaste Tubes
By Felix
Spectrum 48K

Published in Home Computing Weekly #45

Two games on one cassette.

Castle Colditz is supposedly a role-playing game, with you as the POW trying to escape. You're warned of confrontations with Death, and advised to draw a map.

But map-making is pretty futile if you can go Up, North and West and finish up where you started. And I travelled some 30 rooms without meeting Death or, indeed, any other kind of problem.

There are only two problems in this adventure - finding the exit, and finding the enthusiasm to bother.

In the second game, you are a toothpaste tube trying to fire paste at a line of scrolling toothbrushes while avoiding missiles from the mini-tubes, and the false teeth that have a biting need to make contact with your rear.

The game starts so fast that I always lost a life, even on the easy level. And although the graphics are nice, your tube is so large that the missiles can hardly miss.

Frankly, I've seen better games than these in magazine listings. Not very good value even for two.


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