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Home Computing Weekly

Alien Destroyer
By Kuma Computers
Spectrum 48K

Published in Home Computing Weekly #65

Banks of aliens dropping from the sky, defending laser scurrying from right to left on ground. That's right, just when we thought we'd defeated them long ago (and gone on to better things), invaders are back!

Graphics are not bad although the bombs are pencil-thin and the magenta colouring difficult to see against black. Explosions are unspectacular, landing aliens only affect you if you're stupid enough to be immediately underneath and the laser reminds me of an egg cup with cosy. No loading or insert instructions but left, right and fire, keyboard or joystick, are explained on screen.

I liked playing this version, which may not be the recommendation it seems. That I could manage to survive clearing several screens with a respectable score, probably means it's far too slow for the expert zapper. And sometimes, all that was needed was to stand still and press fire. But as an ego booster for those dextrous among us or beginners, this is cheap and cheerful.


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