Home Computing Weekly


Author: D.C.
Publisher: Mikro-Gen
Machine: Spectrum 48K

Published in Home Computing Weekly #59

No insert instructions - not even for loading! Side 1 contains an instruction program and, as each further page of over-crowded, complicated instructions appeared (13 in all) our groans grew louder. Had review not forced continuance, I'd have given up then. Printed instructions, for reference during play, seem vital.

Having foolishly ventured into a black hole with your tachygen, it promptly breaks into 20 pieces, randomly scattered through time, which you must find to return to your own time.

Each era displays the same green field, containing unconvincing graphics representing, you are told, Roman soliders or such, sometimes weapons, bits of tachything and you. You move by rotating an arrow and fire by similar arrow rotation. Unfairly, the other characters seem to get longer moves than you and, if bracketed, you cannot move further. You could shoot but even at point blank range can miss. Without weapon, you either wait until your wound points are used up and you die, or try to jump to another era.

I wish I could find something nice to say about this program.


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