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Home Computing Weekly

Mummy! Mummy!
By Lothlorien
Spectrum 48K

Published in Home Computing Weekly #65

An arcade game from a strategy house has to be unusual and this is, in a funny sort of way. Unlike most games, where you stay on Screen 1 until you have mastered it with lives to spare, one life lost here automatically sends you to the next screen, making practice on any one screen, making practice on any one screen very difficult and totally confusing me.

A "Panic" scenario: you're an Egyptian Mummy, cruelly disinterred and seeking your tomb. You must break into the Pyramid, pass through various levels, reading 25 cartouches, avoid Badorgs, Zobs, Dibrachs and Mad Clive's ghost. I don't know what they are but they don't look nice and they must all be buried before you run out of oxygen. Why exactly a dead body needs oxygen is not explained.

Nice graphics. The controls are relatively easy, although I may not have the hang of reading cartouches - nothing happens. But persevere I shall, to my grave.


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