Home Computing Weekly

Pitfall 2

Author: D.A.
Publisher: Activision
Machine: Commodore 64

Published in Home Computing Weekly #90

The latest trend in home computer gaming is the arcade/adventure, which combines elements of quick reaction and strategy. This release seems to be a step in this direction.

You play Pitfall Harry who runs around the caverns of Machu Picchu, searching for gold, his pet cat and his niece. Scattered throughout the maze are vampire bats, condors, scorpions and electric eels which do their best to halt you.

You cannot be killed, but are transported back to the beginning of the previous stage. A perfect score requires the finding of all objects plus avoiding dangers, and this seems impossible. The graphics are superb.

All the creatures are well animated in vivid colour. When Harry drops down a shaft, the ground rumbles as he lands, and swimming is great fun!

Somewhere in the caves is the dreaded stone-age rat which I found impossible to ocvercome. It can only be subdued from behind. I can strongly recommend this excellent game which has all the best features of current styles. Don't waste time reading this review, go out and buy it.


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