Home Computing Weekly


Author: D.A.
Publisher: Superior
Machine: Commodore 64

Published in Home Computing Weekly #90

If you fancy yourself as a Grand Master, write chess problems, or like me play very badly and need the practise, then this latest release from Superior will be ideal.

Many chess programs offer a bewildering array of options in addition to a good game, and this is no exception. There are full facilities for moving, setting care levels and time limits, altering previous moves, setting up chess problems and even solving them. the board is garishly drawn in brown and pink, but mercifully this can be changed.

When everything is to your satisfaction, you may play a game, and this is no mean achievement. I found I could win two out of three at the third level or below, but I was soon out of my depth. The endgame is usually very good, and the temptation to use the quit thinking option soon proved too much. It is perhaps a little too easy to cheat, as you may discover.

As a good quality chess program I can find no faults, and for serious players who own Commodore machines it's a must.


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