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Road Toad
By Audiogenic
Commodore 64

Published in Home Computing Weekly #41

No home computer, it seems, is complete without its own version of the arcade favourite, Frogger. This release for the C64 is guaranteed to keep arcade fanatics happy for hours.

For those hermits who have never actually played Frogger, the basic idea is to guide a green frog across a road avoiding fast cars, and through a crocodile-infested river.

To cross the river requires skill, leaping on to moving turtles and logs, while avoiding the crocs.

As the game progresses, snakes will appear by the road side and attempt to eat your frog, and the pace gets much easier.

Leaping on to a female frog gains bonus points, and once four frogs have been safely housed in the safe areas at the top of the screen, a new sheet begins.

I particularly liked the graphics on this game - the frog moved very realistically. But the instructions, which assumed that the owner has played Frogger before, were a little confusing.

Anyone who likes Frogger will find this version extremely satisfying.


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