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Home Computing Weekly

Rox 64
By Llamasoft
Commodore 64

Published in Home Computing Weekly #8

Retro Thrusters Activated! Planetfall successful. A bleak landscape upon which your multicoloured lunar module slowly descends is the scenario for Rox 64, a cross between Asteroids and Lunar Lander.

Underneath the lunar surface your craft's status is displayed, along with an unusual Damage Percentage display which increases as coloured boulders drift down and crash mightily into the surface.

Once your percentage has reached a certain level, your craft is destroyed by an impressive earthquake.

Your only defence is to fire rockets diagonally or straight up to intercept the boulders, and you gain points for each hit plus an accuracy bonus. A Smart Bomb is available for desperate situations. Should you destroy all the rox, a large mother ship bleeps down and rescues your craft for a large points bonus.

The instructions at the beginning of the game weren't too clear, but I found them easy to pick up as I went along. Loading presented no problems whatsoever.


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