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Brain Strain
Commodore 64

Published in Home Computing Weekly #21

Fans of the board game Mastermind will be eager to play this version for the Commodore 64.

After several pages of instruction, the display is divided into three parts. The top left section gives a list of colours with their corresponding keys, while in the lower left is an explanation of the black/white scoring system.

The right half is the board itself, numbered in rows 1-10, and by pressing appropriate keys, your guesses as to each colour in the secretly chosen code is displayed by a circle of that colour.

The number of correct pegs, etc, is given after each row entered. If you are successful, the C64 will play a "Congratulations" tune, while an unsuccessful attempt is met by a dismal note, each time accompanied by flashing displays.

This is a very professional and well-written piece of software which gives the conventional Mastermind game new appeal.


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