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Home Computing Weekly

By Rabbit
Commodore 64

Published in Home Computing Weekly #21

The Commodore 64 is proving no slouch when it comes to duplicating arcade games. Centropods is a version of the popular Centipede game.

The playfield consists of a black background populated by purple mushroom-like growths, and the player's white blaster which can be moved freely around the lower part of the screen.

A yellow wriggly 'Centron' comes squirming down, changing direction when it touches a mushroom. It must be destroyed by blasting each of its body segments individually, which causes the creature to split up, each dead segment becoming a new mushroom.

Other hazards include a red spinning 'buzzer' and an organge 'glue pod', both of which can be shot for bonus points. Green rockets drop down spreading more mushrooms, and the action gets more and more frantic as the Centron nears the bottom.


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