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Home Computing Weekly

Erik The Viking
By Mosaic
Commodore 64

Published in Home Computing Weekly #91

This fully illustrated adventure is in fact written by Level 9, and is a very impressive text and graphics game based on The Saga Of Erik The Viking by Terry Jones.

The game itself is set in the time of the Vikings, and our hero Erik - played by yourself - is the sole survivor of a raid on his home village in Norway by a tribe of evil creatures. As the story unfolds, you may wander round his farm, which is depicted in authentic Norse style, to gather equipment for his search for his missing family.

As usual, any command may be typed in English, and a clever command parser evaluates your instructions, responding with various prompts to aid understanding. Help facilities are available through a postal service by Mosaic Publishing.

This adventure is very enjoyable to play; the illustrations are well done and the range of possible situations makes it absorbing. It is not however easy to play, and I must confess I have still to board the Golden Dragon and begin the quest proper. Thoroughly recommended for all adventure players.


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