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Home Computing Weekly

By Superior
Commodore 64

Published in Home Computing Weekly #90

If your inclination is to the ancient game of draughts rather than Chess, then this program is a serious player's dream. Games of logic transfer well to micros, and this is no exception.

The game is similar in design and format to the Chess program by the same company. It features a full range of options including take-backs, replays, choice of input forms, a myraid of skill levels and the option of playing a friend or the computer.

In fact, the Commodore will even play itself. The author favours the awful pink-brown board, but this can be altered, as can the colour of the pieces. The game will even suggest moves for you! This may seem like overkill, but keen draughtsmen should enjoy it.

The game is well presented, and easy to use. At the lowest level the computer plays a dreadful game, but at about four it shows promise. The temptation to cheat is forever present, but I'll never admit to it. If you are a draughts player, have no hesitation here, but you'll have to excuse me as I reach for my joystick.


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