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Home Computing Weekly

Jet Boot Jack
By English
Commodore 64

Published in Home Computing Weekly #90

A jetpack scenario provides the action with a musical overtone. As with most C64 cassettes this one comes in a 'turbo load' type format, which means fast loading, in this case around four minutes. The reliability does not seem to be affected.

As Jet Boot Jack, who looks like a cross between Flash Gordon and Captain Birdseye, your task is to journey through a Record Pressing Plant, collecting musical notes. Objects such as fuel may be picked up, while mechanical gremlins, sliding floors and lifts keep you on your toes - sorry, fingers.

Aliens such as Stators and Patrollers are killed by jumping on their heads(!) Flappers are creatures which can't be killed. This game requires a joystick, and provides a fast and amusing challenge, perhaps a little too fast. A mastery of the technique is essential for a high score.

Sound and graphics are well used, with demo options, skill levels, and a very entertaining theme tune. I found it difficult to play at first, but after practise it proved quite addictive. Not the most original game of the year, but certainly a professional job and worth a try.


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