Home Computing Weekly


Author: D.H.
Publisher: Arnor
Machine: Amstrad CPC464

Published in Home Computing Weekly #130

This comprehensive machine code development system comprises three parts.

Primarily, the assembler program compliments the computers firmware and is fully compatible with Locomotive BASIC.

User friendly throughout, both 40 and 80 column screen resolutions are used. These provide a clearly legible display at all times. Colour enhances the mode 1 displays, making for very easy reading of the several columns of assembly language program.


In use the new command iASSEMBLE prefixes the mnemonics of the machine code sub-routine within a BASIC program, line numbers being used for each line just as in the BASIC program.

Hexadecimal notation is used throughout with the monitor program PEEKing at every memory location in RAM. ASCII characters are displayed alongside the contents of each location where appropriate.

Alongside this, a powerful Text Editor program and Basic program can be resident at the same time with individual editing facilities available to either program.


The instruction book explains in depth the use of the numerous command words unique to Maxam, with many programming examples. All these command words are listed together towards the end of the book-making for speedy reference.

If you curiosity has been sufficiently aroused by reading one of the numerous books giving an insight int6 the Z80A CPU then the purchase of an assembler is your next step towards machine code programming.

Maxam is published on ROM, Disc or Cassette, the price quoted below being for the disc version as reviewed.

With the software market in the doldrums and there being several other versions of assembler on sale, it may well pay you to shop around.


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