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Home Computing Weekly

By Virgin Games
Amstrad CPC464

Published in Home Computing Weekly #103

This super game, graphically in a class of its own, has forty different screens.

Aptly described as a fast moving adventure, with the minimal amount of dialogue because there's just not enough time for reading.

The art work involved in POKEing the characters and locations to the screen is phenomenal. These are undoubtedly the best graphics I have seen on any micro, tantamount to being a feast to my cathodic eyes.

Haunting music accompanies the action, in itself a pertinent example of how to extract the full potential from the Amstrad's powerful sound commands. All haunting Imagery smacks of artistic skill and imaginative forethought which have gone into the compilation of this unique program.

As in traditional adventures, you have to collect and drop articles along the way. All of this is done graphically, before your very eyes. The smooth fast movements are akin to the concept of cartoon animation and need to be seen to be believed.

Your objective is to release all the sorcerers from captivity within a fixed time limit, whilst avoiding various spooky looking nasties who sap your energy. This game requires fast reactions and dexterity with the joystick.

You will be riveted to your seat right from the opening titles. Instructions and several screen pictures are shown on the elaborate cassette inlay.

Buy this one whilst stocks last!


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