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Mini Office
By Database
Amstrad CPC464

Published in Home Computing Weekly #104

Four programs for less than the price of one!

To prove the point that prices sell programs, this classic business package has succeeded in relegating several chart-topping games programs down a peg or two.

Now the home enthusiast has the ability to bespoke his or her own personal database and spreadsheet - project the data to a sophisticated graphics package and communicate using a rudimentary word processor.

Doubtless the database will be wel1 thumbed. Its capacity to keep records of varying lengths and complexities with near instant recall is phenomenal, if only as the oft suggested personal telephone directory, or perhaps more usefully a magazine review index.

Ideal for keeping tabs on financial transactions, the spreadsheet reveals all. Time spent tailoring it to fit your own needs is well rewarded. Almost any analysis of income or expenditure, be it personal, private or business can be output to the screen or printer.

The annual tot up should prove enlightening. Comparison of the monies spent on computer magazines and bread for instance, emphasising the correctness of your priorities!

The graphics package is primed with data generated by the spreadsheet. Here a pictorial representation of the figures is produced as a 3D bar chart, a pie chart or a simple line graph.

Lacking the neatness of right justification was a disappointment. On the credit side was a word counter displayed at the top of the screen, along with the number of words per minute being typed in edit mode.

Maximise your computer with this mini office.


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