Home Computing Weekly

By Amsoft
Amstrad CPC464

Published in Home Computing Weekly #105

The two parts of this program are supplied on separate cassettes, or alternatively on disc.

Each is used independently: one as a course of instruction, the other a full applications program.

Newcomers to astronomy will do well to access the instruction course before delving into the complexities inherent within the main program.

Only one part of the learning process requires using the software. This concentrates on the student's ability to recognise the principal constellations.

Requiring considerable concentration, the time-proven method of instruction and practice followed by testing and revision is used throughout.

Contained within the 50-page instruction manual are further tutorials covering sky coordinates, constellation positions and star recognition. These do not require use of the software.

Though beneficial, it is not obligatory to tackle the learning course prior to using the main application program.

This part of the software is essentially a menu-driven program. All the appropriate options are either on screen or may be scrolled through a window at the bottom of the screen display.

Occupying about two-thirds of the screen area is the star window. Through this, views of the star formations for any part of the sky, as seen from any earthy position are available.

Provision is made for a series of views and a variety of magnitudes. Vital statistics relevant to the 300 brightest stars are listed within the instruction manual.

The relevant information surrounding the star window leaves you in no doubt about just where in the heavens you are looking.

Pricey, but pounds cheaper than a telescope.


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