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Fruit Machine
By Amsoft
Amstrad CPC464

Published in Home Computing Weekly #99

Flushed with the excitement of only having five pounds between you and the desert beyond the Casino, this game entices you into a Las Vegas lifestyle that you probably cannot afford.

As its name implies, you are sat in front of a one-armed bandit, your future dependent upon Lady Luck.

Control of the machine is from the keyboard as defined in the comprehensive instructions given on the cassette inlay.

Included are all the well-established features of these money snatchers with hold, nudge, gamble and collect. These features give you some semblance of controlling your inevitable destiny. A renewed familiarity with that old feeling of false security comes flooding back. (What mis-spent youth?!)

Winner spinners are a unique feature of this pound pincher, adding considerably to the pot of gold.

Good graphics colourfully enhance the visual impact of this program.

Disappointingly, my hopes of hearing some exciting and original sounds from Amstrad were not to be realised. A lost opportunity of innovative programming here, and such an obvious opportunity to be creative.


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