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Myrddin Flight Simulator
By Myrddin
Amstrad CPC464

Published in Home Computing Weekly #106

Dingbat is an American colloquialism for anything from a baseball to a Saturn rochet, just so long as it flies.

In this program your dingbat comes with 16 levels of difficulty for you to tackle. Strictly for fun, this is a night simulation, but decidedly more down to earth than some.

No need to nap when you open the instruction booklet either. Prop up the map, open the throttles, release the brakes, raise the naps and fly away.

The switches and dials built into this Y-model crate are clear and functional, without any luxury refinements, like radio or television.

Airborne contortionists just fly this thrilljerker from the feel of the controls. These are either partly keyboard and joystick, or if yours is the Mk I model then just use the keyboard.

As an aid to fledgling fliers a cheat key allows instant course changes of 180 degrees, leaving you terminate your life in front of the loved ones which have just seen you off.

Should you actually make a safe landing, re-fuelling is followed by another sortie and another chance to self-destruct.

Back down to earth, it must be said that the landmarks viewed through the forward cockpit window are few and far between. The infantile graphics detract from an otherwise enjoyable trip.

Though not to be confused with serious aeronautics, this program is a lot of fun and will keep you at it for hours. Not recommended for anyone with a serious heart condition.


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