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Football Manager
By Addictive Games
Amstrad CPC464

Published in Home Computing Weekly #99

This game covers a large number of the traumas involved in managing a football team.

Both save and restore facilities are included in the program, along with comprehensive instructions. Nine main screens offer a wide choice of options to help you successfully manage the team.

Listed are 64 teams, any one of which you may choose. There is also the choice of players for each match and you may even play yourself; the computer tells you if you are macho enough, as it gives the strength, morale and other imponderables for each player.

Results of other games played are reported, followed by the League Table showing goals scored for and against, total points and the position of each team.

A Balance Sheet showing the club's financial position helps in deciding whether a player may be bought from the Transfer List. Gate receipts, ground rent and other income and expenditure are included.

The highlights of each match are shown graphically in a perfectly adequate 3D replay, which lacks lustre owing to the poor use of sound commands. Hours of entertainment here.


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