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Home Computing Weekly

Pitman Typing Tutor
By Amsoft
Amstrad CPC464

Published in Home Computing Weekly #100

This educational program starts with several explicit pages of instructions.

Clearly and concisely explained is the method adopted to improve the speed and accuracy of your typing skills.

As a forerunner to the main program, these herald an expertly designed series of practical keyboard exercises.

Each lesson requires you to copy-type a series of letters which are seen flashing on an imitation keyboard display on the screen.

The second part of each lesson displays a list of short phrases, each incorporating the letters previously learned. Again, these have to be copied.

Your skills are then measured and a mark is given for both speed and accuracy. Also shown is the suggested minimum standard required, before moving on to the next more advanced lesson.

The screen presentation is good, tastefully using a variety of inks and pens, to brighten and enhance what could easily have become a rather lifeless display. A thoroughly useful program that can only serve to achieve its objective.

Looking forward to more proof that learning can be fun, especially in the home environment.


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