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Home Computing Weekly

Forest At World's End
By Interceptor Micros
Amstrad CPC464

Published in Home Computing Weekly #99

As the mightiest of the ancient warriors, your task is to rescue the Princess Mara from the evil Wizard Zarn.

Whilst wandering through forests, leafy glens and the like, you have many encounters with both people and places.

All the well-established communications of adventures games are available - N for north and a verb/noun format for most of the other dialogue. Some of the key words only need the first letter, which speeds things up a great deal.

All the messages come to the screen quickly, though occasionally these were of no real help and were duplicated on screen.

Better use of Amstrad's strong colour commands would have enhanced the repetitive screen display of print statements. However, this is partly compensated for by the excellent hi-resolution locational pictures, all POKEd to the screen quite quickly.

Save to tape and restore facilities along with adequate instructions are all included.

This will most likely appeal to experienced armchair adventurers; having a strong storyline not too imaginative for comprehension, but leaving Rupert Bear out in the cold.

A tonic for those long winter evenings.


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