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Angelique: A Grief Encounter
By Nemesis
Amstrad CPC464

Published in Home Computing Weekly #105

Gnarled soldiers of fortune speculating on their next escapade will find the precocious Angelique does much to their egos.

A continuous rapport with the adventurer, full of delightful witticism, makes this text-only adventure a joy to play. The unblushing feminist viewpoint makes the going decidedly original.

Female intuition and the capacity to understand the overtly female thought process are a distinct advantage.

Distraught at having been parted in a plane crash from her darling Arnold Blackwood, our heroine has to extricate herself from the interior of an extinct volcano.

After surmounting this initial hurdle the projected journey causes Angelique to squelch through swamps, cling to a mountain pass, trudge across a desert and creep cautiously through a ghost town.

A heterogeneous assortment of articles needs to be collected en route to Cairo, where the final romantic scene is portrayed.

Communication with Angelique is through six screen windows. The clarity of the standard character set, presented in mode I, makes for easy reading. The very descriptive dialogue intensifies the imaginative scenario.

Adventuresome ladies will see it all through Angelique's eyes, having a marginal advantage on butch male chauvinists.

The spirited challenge of this adventure generates lots of laughter throughout the hazardous journey, making it a festival of entertainment.

Asking for assistance by pressing the Help key often provided a response more humorous than helpful, all adding to the enjoyment.

Although the game can be saved to tape, annoyingly at present a bug prevents reloading.


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