Home Computing Weekly

The Prize
By Amsoft
Amstrad CPC464

Published in Home Computing Weekly #114

Armed with a stock of laser pulse torpedoes, replenished by visiting a power plant, this shoot-out maze chase will keep you entertained for hours.

Exceptionally quick thinking and ultra-fast reactions are essential to avoid the four aliens known collectively as guardians.

With little or no thought for their own security, mutants fight like ants and shoot on sight without warning. One hundred points are awarded whenever a mutant is killed.

The Prize

Crushers require some careful thought as they are not armed to km which allows time to assess the best strategy to employ in passing them.

More survival problems are encountered against death drones and messengers.

Energy bases scattered throughout the maze offer immunity against the murderous guardians.

The Prize

Well worth careful study are the concise instructions printed on the inlay. Complete comprehension is vital if you are to discover the secret of the maze whilst journeying in spaceship Almazoon.

Control by joystick or keyboard is optional, defining keys is not offered.

A very addictive implementation, though there is nothing original in the concept, nor in the Amsoft high price.

A quick flip back amongst recently published reviews reveals several games in this category at competitive prices. With little or no appreciable difference in quality or style, it will undoubtedly pay to shop around.


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