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Home Computing Weekly

Star Avenger
By Kuma Computers
Amstrad CPC464

Published in Home Computing Weekly #91

It's up to you how deeply involved with Star Avenger you wish to become, for involved you will be.

Your mission is to accomplish the ultimate achievement of flying through all ten scenarios at each skill level, avoiding nine different fast-moving targets.

Marked down on playability through no joystick option, this is my only criticism of an otherwise excellent game.

Owing more to artistic licence than to scientific accuracy, your thirsty rocket motors are sustained only by your success in hitting the fuel dumps scattered along the way.

The five skill levels allow you to gradually improve.

Imaginative use has been made of Amstrad's powerful sound commands, whilst Sean Wallis the author has developed the all-important moving graphics almost to an art form. The cheque book alphanumerics on the opening screens create a real feeling of anticipation for the futuristic atmosphere of the main program. Excellent indeed.

Opening with a demonstration that shows the whole challenge of this game, it is certain to provide hours of entertainment for anyone quick enough on the trigger.


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